Our history

A tale of commitment and care

From the flames of the Great Christiansborg Castle fire in Denmark in 1884 to minesweeping in the aftermath of WWII and the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 – it has always been our mission to take care of people and society whenever there is need for us.

Going global

Since entering the German market in 2010, Falck has worked to continue expanding its emergency medical services (EMS) business in Germany. In the summer of 2013 Falck acquired all German activities of G.A.R.D., the largest private ambulance services provider in Germany. With the acquisition Falck got a solid platform for growth on the German market. Falck Fire Services DE GmbH was established in Germany in 2013,  delivering the full range of fire service solutions including fire brigade management, prevention and maintenance services as well as fire consulting and training.


Roots in Danish history

In 1906, Sophus Falck founded Falck based on his experiences in the Great Christiansborg Castle fire. Chaotic rescue work led to a national disaster, and Sophus Falck set up Falck with the mission - first and foremost - to help. And in doing so, he pioneered new ways to deliver efficient and effective emergency response service.

Heritage Sophus Falck 02 - webimage

In his founding manifesto he wrote:

  • Always to assist – whether payment can be expected or not – whenever people, animals or valuables are in danger
  • Always to attempt to prevent and minimize the extent of the damage in the best and quickest way possible whenever an emergency occurs
  • Always to bear in mind that quick assistance is twice the assistance.

Building on one man’s vision for the necessity of organisation, trained professionals and proper equipment to help people in urgent need, Falck has excelled in saving and improving lives for more than a century.

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