Efficient and reliable emergency response and healthcare delivered with care

At Falck, we help people in urgent need and bring peace of mind to our customers. As a partner to local communities, we provide emergency response and healthcare services wherever they are needed.

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Advanced Life Support Services

Falck is proud to offer advanced life support/paramedic emergency services in many of our locations. In some communities, we also offer ALS/Paramedic level interfacility transport services. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to care for and transport critical patients in a mobile hospital setting. These services are also used for standby events and both primary and backup 911 services in several cities.

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Basic Life Support

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are fully equipped and staffed by two highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Falck provides ambulance service 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. In addition to making sure that the vehicle and equipment meet set standards, the county EMS agencies also license all of our EMT field personnel. 

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CCT Transportation Services

When a patient in critical condition needs to be transferred from one facility to another, that patient needs a higher level of transport service. This service is known as a Critical Care Transport or CCT level of service, and is available in select locations. Falck's experience in providing Critical Care Transportation is extensive. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to transport the critical patient in a mobile hospital setting. Our fleet of dedicated Critical Falck Ambulances are staffed by a highly trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a licensed Critical Care Transport Nurse (CCT RN), and if necessary a Respiratory Care Practitioner. All of our Critical Care Transport Nurses are full-time Falck employees and are staffed on the ambulance to provide the fastest possible response times.

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Community, Special Events, and Standbys

By wrapping several of our ambulances with public safety messages, we have created "rolling billboards" that showcase campaigns for drowning prevention, bike helmet safety, proper use of seat belts, child car seats, and the Baby Safe Surrender Program.

We also provide ambulance standby coverage for city, charity, and private events. If you would like to reserve a special event standby or another type of ambulance coverage, please complete the form below. We will review your request and let you know how we can help.

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