Northern California

Caring for Alameda County

Falck Northern California provides advanced emergency medical services to Alameda County’s 1.6 million residents and numerous visitors, with cutting-edge clinical and operational technology. We operate with the highest standards for both medical care and equitable treatment for all.

We combine expert personnel, advanced medical equipment, and compassionate service with a reputation and commitment to excellence, in keeping with Falck’s century-long history as the world leader in emergency services. Our goal is to provide top-level clinical quality and customer service with a strong focus on patient experience.

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Part of the community

Many of our frontline caregivers, supervisors and even top management grew up and live in Alameda County. As a result, we are deeply committed to serving the community we call home. 



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We know what it means to care

We strive to be the best of the best, with a philosophy of continuous improvement and listening to feedback. In fact, in a recent national survey of nearly 200 EMS providers, Falck's Alameda County paramedics and EMTs scored 100% in patient satisfaction with care shown by the medics.

Many of our caregivers stay in the field for years, perfecting their prehospital expertise. Others go on to advance their careers in healthcare and public safety via nursing school, paramedic school, medical school, and fire academies.

Interested in joining our elite team of people who make a difference? JOINFALCK.COM is a great place to start!

Did you have a good experience? Tell us about it!

It means a lot to us when we get the chance to hear from a patient we've helped. We hope that you felt safe, comfortable, and well-cared for during the brief time we spent together. Let us know about your experience!

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